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What changes need to be notified to ASIC?

With the recent office move by Ezetax, one of the notifiable changes it had to make to the ATO and also the ASIC was the change of its registered office.

ASIC requires companies to notify it of changes within 28 days and we thought it was a poignant time to remind our clients of this.

As the registered office of a number of companies, Ezetax had to within 28 days notify ASIC of its change and as a result also notify the ASIC of the change for all of the companies that Ezetax represents as the registered agent of those companies.

A Form is required to be lodged with ASIC outlining the change in registered office of a company but there are a number of other changes that need to be updated at ASIC or they will charge a late lodgement penalty.

"When directors of a company move house, they often forget they need to notify ASIC! If they are directors of multiple companies that can be an expensive exercise if not lodged on time!"

Changes that require notification.

Some of the changes that need to be notified are as follows:

  • Change in company address (business, postal or registered office);

  • Appointment or cessation of any company officeholders;

  • Changes to shareholders/share structure;

  • Transferring of shares; and

  • Appointing or ceasing members.

How long do I have to lodge and make changes to my company details?

You need to submit a changes to company details form within 28 days of the change occurring, otherwise late fees will apply. The late fees are:

  • $78 for up to one month late; and

  • $323 for over one month late.

If you have moved office or made some changes in your company, be sure to talk to your accountant and ensure that they lodge the necessary forms with ASIC to avoid late lodgement penalties.

If you need assistance with your company secretarial requirements, phone Ezetax on 08 9249 7422 or contact us via our website -

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