• Todd Zani

We have moved office!

Ezetax has moved into a boutique office in Inglewood after spending greater than 15 years in Malaga.

The new front door to the Office

The logistics of moving the Ezetax operations from the large office/warehouse facility in Malaga into the office in Inglewood was a significant undertaking for the Team and one that Managing Director, Todd Zani, severely underestimated.

"Whoever said that moving was easy was a fibber! Just as well this isn't something we do very often."

Thanks to the Team and family for the move.

It was a real, hands on move with the Team and Todd's family moving Ezetax into the new office and setting up.

"I want to especially thank my family and kids whom were very keen to earn "some serious pocket money" and assisted in the make good of the old premises, including the painting and removal of all of the items which had been collected and stored in the warehouse over the last 10 years."

"To think that we still had every single client file from when we first started back in April 1999 stored in our warehouse was quite amazing. The secure destruction of over 8 pallets of client files was a huge exercise but one that was definitely overdue".

"The new office looks great and we are sure our clients will love the new look!".

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