• Todd Zani

#TaxTipTuesday - TPAR is due today!

REMINDER ALERT: If you are in the building and construction industry, your Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR) is due on 28 August.

Do you know when and how to lodge?

  1. The TAPR is due to be lodged with the ATO on 28 August;

  2. Most accounting software programs can create the file for lodgement with the ATO and/or even lodge the report with the ATO for you!; and

  3. Alternatively, Ezetax can lodge the summary report at the ATO on your behalf via the Tax Agent Portal.

"If you are lodging your TAPR it is due on 28 August. "

If you need assistance to lodge your 2018 TAPR or prior year returns, phone Ezetax on 08 9249 7422 -

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