• Todd Zani

#Support Small Business

We are fielding an unprecedented number of calls from our clients whom are worried about the effects of COVID-19 not only on their health but on their financial well being and whilst we will continue to update you on the stimulus package(s) being announced by both Federal and State governments and their effects on you and your business, we think it is important that during this time that you continue to support small business.

In particular, we would appreciate if the Ezetax community could support one another and we would encourage you to support and spend within the Ezetax community in the next 6 months as we work through these unprecedented times.

Every time you spend local or with a small business you are supporting a local family just like yours so please think about this when spending where you can and if you have a choice between spending with the "Big Boys" or spending "Local" choose the Small Business every time!

Contact Ezetax is you need a hand paying your SGC super!

If you need assistance. phone Ezetax on 08 9249 7422 -

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