• Todd Zani

Be wary of ATO scam emails!

We have had a number of clients contact us recently claiming to have received emails from the ATO and the imminent payment of a refund and all they need to do is click on a link to verify their bank account details. That in itself should be enough of a warning!

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) regularly has to update its website for a myriad of tax refund scams with some of the scams looking like the "real thing". We recommend you visit the ATO link provided on our facebook page to view a list of the most recent scams.

February 2018 Email scam

Scammers are sending fake ATO emails asking people to complete a 'tax refund form' to receive a refund. The form asks for online banking credentials, credit card numbers and limits, and personal information.

Do not click nor save the attachment as it may download malicious malware onto your computer. Do not disclose the personal information the form is requesting.

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