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ATO Scam Alert!

In the first few weeks back from Christmas holidays we have been shocked with the number of calls from taxpayers claiming to have had calls from the Australian Taxation Office about unpaid tax debts.

These calls have included claims that the Federal Police will be arriving to arrest you for non payment of the debt and that an immediate payment is required to cease the arrest process.

Scammers have been pretending to be the ATO to get funds from taxpayers

These calls are quite elaborate and even involve the transferring of your call across to the alleged "Federal police officer" that is scheduled to attend your residence or work premises.

Its an amazing hoax that has managed to catch a number of Australians out and we would encourage you to ignore any such calls and immediately report them to the ATO or local authorities.

Your registered tax agent will know if you have any debts outstanding to the ATO and in most instances the ATO will in fact call the registered agent first to encourage the agent to encourage the client to meet their obligations.

"Always talk to your tax agent before making any payments to the ATO. Do not make payments, blindly over the phone via credit card to someone purporting to be from the ATO!"

Make sure you are using a registered tax agent whom is registered with the Australian Taxation Office and license to provide you with such services.

All tax agents have a registered logo, like the one below

All registered agents use this symbol and note their registered agent number

If you have any queries about the above or have had one of these phone calls, please don't hesitate to phone Ezetax on 08 9249 7422 -

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